Short Reads


Part One.

It was in reality a great challenge to her to get the camp up and running.

 Everything seemed as though it was going against her dream… she had written it

down three years prior and kept reading it whenever she got the chance.  Materials

and craft items were bought on each payday taking note of her expenditure.  Her

partner had told her that it was a great idea but when she was finally ready to start,

he began telling her that it made no sense and that the country was already in a

recession and no one will pay for it.  He told her to only allow her siblings kids but

 that seemed all wrong to her.  Family like her siblings did not pay for a thing! She

finally rolled up her sleeves and started her advertising campaign.  It was a late

start due to the constant nagging from her partner that he did not want any

children on his property in case anything should happen to any of them.  He mainly

focused on the negative things that could have happened.  This made her upset and

despondent and procrastinated in doing her ads earlier, as she had purposed.  Her

heart sank at every negative comment from the one she loves.  She asked herself

many days, was her husband for her or against her.