Friday hopes



So on Friday, I am finally meeting the editor for my first short children’s story.   Of course I am open for all the critique (roll eyes) and corrections that had to be done and of course the feel of my purse getting thinner.  However, all in all, I  would have a clean and ready manuscript almost ready for publishing.  Do not know exactly how I would feel yet but you guys would surely know.

The name I had given it sounds good to me but I would still ask a few other authors their thoughts and even my editor.  Hopefully, something better comes.



My poetry collection ‘The Sun Goddess’ is also on the verge of completion.  Last night alone I wrote up the ‘Table of Contents’ last.  Am still to get some feedback on its entirety from a some other friends in the writing sphere and make a few adjustments.  There are some butterflies hovering but they make me feel ‘laughy’.

Surprisingly too, I have been writing ‘Speaking Pages’ on here for a few weeks,  I love the name and concept of writing I have adopted with it, soooo my dears, my second collection would be on, yesss, you guessed it, ‘SPEAKING PAGES’.   Maybe 100 speaking pages.  It would contain lots of fun about author and page.



As for my novella, 50,200+ words is quite a bite to edit.  I did a pre edit myself and hope to have that edited professionally soon too.    More on that later.  Also, there is another on its way, though still in the baby stage of four chapters so far.   Yes, I am excited and I hope that you all are too.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.


I thank all of you who take the time to read my blog, comment and like.  You all are an inspiration to me through your writings as well.   Keep up the great work you are doing as we know that there can be nothing read without a writer’s pen.

Have a great week!


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