Write or die

As early as I can remember I had always wanted to write. But I always had this uneasy way that I was not good enough. I wrote stories during primary school. The imagination was so real, I found myself within the story.  During High School I became a little braver

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by giving my form teacher a few pages I had written in one of my exercise books. After he with edited, I would find out there were so many grammatical errors, I felt ashamed. After some time I felt that maybe this wasn’t my thing and entering the exam time I quit all together.

Over the years I pursued other fields but many of those fields consisted of writing and I was always called a upon to write, be it for a group, individuals or my innermost thoughts that I was unable to express to others.   So there I was, back to square one.  Writing it out because if I had not and do not, I think I would die.  My writings sometimes explode onto pages with tears and ink.  Hands shaking as the emotions run their course.  The release usually ends in more tears.  Call me a cry baby, but darlings, when it aches, nothing takes away the feeling for some time until you cry your heart out.  I do not know why…do you?


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Brief Bio. Name: Vearna Gloster Titles: Beekeeper, Independent Researcher, Entrepreneur Innovator, Poet and Forthcoming author. Business: BUBBLEGREEN ENTERPRISES LIMITED (The Honey Queen which is a subsidiary of BUBBLEGREEN). Founder of: Bee Active Initiative ( Bee camp for children) Member of: Trinidad and Tobago Beekeepers Associaton...PRO 2018 Phone: 868 274 6677. Vearna Gloster is an active Beekeeper for the past (14) fourteen years. Her broad and optimistic approach in beekeeping will open and enhance new levels of understanding in our local beekeeping industry. She is an activist in the promotion of saving our Honeybees by spreading the knowledge of the vital role of these amazing insects in our survival. Vearna is the founder of ‘Bee Active Initiative’ which help young children store information and help in the conservation regarding the role of Honeybees in the “green” survival of humanity. Vearna was featured in the Sunday Express Mix Music Section at #1 on the top 12 Indigenous Chart for her piece on ‘Honey’, capturing the state of our local honey industry in November 2014. She has been an awardee in the Special Prize Category of the NIHERST Prime Minister’s Awards for Scientific Ingenuity in 2015 with her Solar Bee Hive Vent and was featured in the Plenty Sport E-zine Issue #19 in January 2016 as ‘ The Honey Bee Runs!’ As an independent Researcher in the beekeeping field, she is currently working on Honeybee Botany in Trinidad and Tobago which also brings with it the understanding to the link of the medicinal/nutritional value of the plants/ trees/ shrubs and our honey. She is a forthcoming author of her first poetry collection, a short story and first novel. The skin and hair care line BUBBLEGREEN was founded by her in December 2016. Vearna is currently working arduously on her local line of skincare products.