“You are JINX, get away from me and stay the hell away!” Lucy yell.  They have been at each other for the past fifteen minutes. To her, everything seemed to be his fault.  The copier broke down when they finally got a large order. For the past month, whenever he was around things just didn’t work right. Tom felt small and as if he was really the problem.  That night, they both sat in their separate homes and reflected on how their day went.

Lucy’s reflection on her life:

“This has got to stop somehow.  Everyone I work with is causing all these failures.   I am so tired of it all.  Then she yawned and asked herself, what was it she was doing wrong.  Her thoughts immediately flew to Jimmy.  Jimmy was one of her girlfriends husband but she has been seeing him for the past year and a half.  Lucy thought on the pleasurable moments they shared and felt guilt well up inside her as she brought to remembrance who Jimmy was.  She quickly tossed the thought aside.  She then ran to her bathroom cabinet, shuffle in it for a brief spell and brought out a loot of ten thousand dollars she had stolen from her parents over the last two years.  She held it close to her, smell and patted it while she smiled graciously.  Lastly, she rushed over to her clothes closet and unhang a lovely lace blouse. She had stolen it just last week right in front of the attendant as her back was turned to her.  Her eyes twinkled as she thought of wearing it for Jimmy.  Suddenly, her thoughts came back to the present time when her husband walked through the door♦♦♦

Tom’s reflection on his life:

Tom had newly moved to a new apartment.  One he was quite proud of as he felt that he had made a big improvement in his life from where he had come from.  He was single still and as he lay on his now soft new bed, he thought about how his parents were no longer around.  He had looked after them during their final days.  He was not ever rude or abusive to anyone and sometimes he thought that he should tell Lucy some harsh words but it just wasn’t him.  He was taking a class on estate management because he had planned to return to his home after some time in the city.  He didn’t have much to do that night so, he turned in to sleep♦♦♦


If people are saying that you are jinx, the best thing to do is to check out their inner life.  They are always pointing out that you are the cause of their bad luck, their failures or some messed up happening when you are around them.  Do not allow their harsh words to get to you too fast (unless you are really jinx because of your inner life), you need to get to know the person you are with and ask questions like:

  • why do you think I am jinxed?
  • how long have things been happening like this?
  • have you always have bad luck with people?

Try to get them to talk about their life and values.  They would reveal what is the cause of their own bad luck.


Can you think of any other questions to ask such persons?   Feel free to leave them at the comment box.






















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