The Crib

What do you do when your baby cries their eyes out when put in the crib?  Am sure that some moms or dads shed a tear or two when their little one squeal for the comfort of you the parents.  Well,  it happens ever so often that we feel sorry for our dear little one and take her to our bed in the safety and comfort of our warmth.  This happens to turn out to be a roller coaster of nightly sleep patterns for mom,dad and baby.   Therefore, I would highly encourage new parents to have their new one sleep in their crib as early as possible.  Trust me, it would help avoid louder cryings when they are older but it would definitely encourage a more disciplined child in the long run.

I have had to cover my ears or run to the other room with tears in my eyes as our one year old screamed in her crib.   Dad was the one who would sit and watch her till she fell asleep, then I would return and look in at her to make sure she was fine.  Of course she would be fine! But it was mom, I, who was the spoiler and so she took pleasure in nibbling me whenever she was on our bed.  When she did this she would scream in delight when I cried out in pain.  Yes, sometimes I faked the pain to let her know it was not nice to bite but this seemed to get her more excited.


Training is never an easy or pleasant task.  You must want the best for your child and hold on to routines for their later development into a well disciplined adult.

Make the sacrifices early to reap the sweet rewards later on.  Love your child.

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